Ian Dee Stage Hypnotist

If you are looking for an established comedy hypnotist for your next event and you want to know that you are getting the best, Ian Dee is one of the top stage hypnotists in the UK today and therefore should be your first choice for a comedy stage hypnosis show. Here you will find all the details on how to book the Ian Dee comedy stage hypnotist show.

Have the experience of your life see your family friends or colleagues surrender to the power of suggestion, giving the audience a hilarious, outrageous and utterly entertaining hypnotist show that will be the topic of conversation for many weeks after the event. Ian is also a member of the government's only recognised body F.E.S.H, the Federation of Ethical Comedy Hypnotists and carries full public liability insurance. The difference with most stage hypnotists compared to Ian Dee is that they are hypnotists trying to be entertaining whereas Ian is a comedy entertainer who does a Stage hypnosis show.

Should you go ahead and book the show please inform the guests that a hypnotist will be entertaining that evening in advance of the performance. Surprise shows do not lend themselves to volunteers being prepared and the audience is also unprepared for hypnosis this would eliminate the factor of mental expectation one of the core principles of hypnosis!

About The Hypnotist Show

Ians Comedy Hypnosis show has been declared one of the UK's most creative and original Hypnotist Shows it delivers interactive, improvisational and hilarious comedy while simultaneously unlocking the volunteers' subconscious creative genius. Ian performs his comedy stage hypnosis show to a variety of audiences including hotels, cabaret, private parties, universities, holiday camps and corporate giants. With a broad background spanning over 19 years Ian's professionalism and dynamic style are apparent in all aspects of his Hypnotist Show. Watch as audience participation takes on a whole new meaning making this a uniquely memorable experience your guests will be talking about for ages.