Ian Dee can accommodate all your corporate event entertainment needs.

The Ian Dee Corporate Stage Hypnosis Show bonds colleagues and co-workers together like no other show. His performances are fun and always in good taste.

The Hypnotist's mission is to show the world "The Facts versus the Myth" of hypnosis, in a corporate event entertainment show which is personality driven, family friendly, and he allows absolutely zero foul language, sexual references, racism, and dangerous stunts or humiliation.

What does "corporate show" mean?
Some entertainers have a specific market they specialize in, ours is the corporate entertainment market. This means you receive a proven stage hypnosis program that is hilarious without resorting to any type of material that people will find offensive.

What is the difference between your show and the other stage hypnotists available?

Our stage hypnosis show is a corporate specific program. We are known for our fast paced, upscale performances that are uncompromising on quality and clean entertainment suitable for corporate, professional audiences.

The Hypnotist Ian Dee is the 'director' and the participants from your corporation are the 'super stars' of the event entertainment.

This creates camaraderie amongst the people up on stage, and the people in the audience, which in turn relaxes and recharges your staff.

The show is a fast paced, musical, theatrical adventure, where the volunteers venture into a world of wonders of their own creative imagination. Absolutely unique corporate event entertainment. Ian has them believing they are 'Rock Stars', 'Actors', 'People relaxing on the beach'. They leave the stage at the end of the entertainment, feeling totally relaxed and proud of their performance.

Ian never oversteps the boundaries of corporate good taste. The audience laughs with the participants, and never at them. Ian's corporate event entertainment is full of class, elegance and style.

Ian Dee can tailor-make each corporate entertainment event to suit your individual business needs. If you wish to use a particular 'theme', Ian can incorporate this into the event.

His show has been specially tailored for audiences of professionals and is therefore ideal entertainment for company events and association gatherings.

If you have a 'goal' or a 'message' for the people attending the entertainment, Ian can not only 'entertain' your audience, but also 'support the corporate message'. or perhaps the business event is purely to show appreciation for exceptional work-place performances, or even a Mid Year party or Christmas Celebration event.

We are flexible and easy to work withWe support you with excellent communication, commitment to your events success and an outstanding show your audience will enjoy and appreciate.

Most importantly....

We have the highest regarded and most proven program for corporate audiences!

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