Remember —the state of hypnosis is a natural but altered state of mind and body consciousness, similar to daydreaming where your mind is focused and not distracted. This heightened, focused concentration combined with comic suggestions allows each volunteer to tap into their inner talents and imaginations… and entertain others. That is the fun of stage hypnotism.

Ians number-one concern on stage is always for the physical safety and psychological well-being of his volunteers, even given the misconceptions about the safety of hypnosis. He explains what hypnosis isn't and is to the audience. That's one of the many reasons why Ians show is so special—safety first.

Can a person do anything against their will whilst hypnotised?
A: No. A person in a state of hypnosis will not allow themselves to do anything they wouldn't do in a conscious state. In fact, your subconscious mind won't allow you to do or say anything you would normally feel is against your moral or ethical beliefs. In fact, a few hypnotized people on stage have chosen not to respond to a suggestion, such as the man who wouldn't put on (lipstick) as a male-model.

Can a person become "stuck" in a hypnotic state?
A: No, the human mind’s protective sense of self simply won’t let either of those happen. In the unlikely event a hypnotist failed to return a hypnotized person to full conscious awareness the person would drift off to sleep and would soon wake up (if you will) and out of the hypnosis.

During the show, if there were an emergency or the volunteer no longer wanted to participate, s/he could awaken at any time and leave the stage or show area, which happens in most shows when you see a person get up and leave the stage. You see, generally speaking, without the external stimuli of Ian's voice upon which they are focused, the stage-show volunteer would either fall asleep or become fully alert and awake soon without harm.

If Ian were (God forbid) to drop dead or leave the building before counting the volunteers up to full conscious awareness, they would realize sooner than later they no longer hear his voice. They'd then conclude the show had ended and would awaken on their own in a few minutes... like from a wakeful nap. At the show's end, Ian awakens and removes all suggestions except one—that the volunteers feel refreshed, relaxed in every way and that they had a good time!

Is Stage Hypnosis safe?
A: Yes. Hypnosis is as safe as daydreaming in a chair at home… lying on a picnic blanket watching clouds pass by, or the feeling of losing yourself in a great book or good movie. Hypnosis is no more dangerous than natural slumber. However, on stage, Ian does his best to protect the volunteers from harming themselves. When they stand up and move around the stage, they do so with their eyes open.

You are conscious, but you tune out most of the other stimuli around you. Just as you focus intently on the book’s plot or the movie’s action, on stage the hypnotist is the focus of the hypnotized people to the near exclusion of most other thoughts—except generally the sensation of physical relaxation and mental focus on the suggestion. An that is why hypnotized people do silly things on stage. Hypnotized people are capable of saying no, or terminating hypnosis, all by themselves. And there is research available to show that is in fact the way it is, as well.

Hypnosis is as safe on stage as most other interactive or audience participation entertainment when it is practiced by a professionally trained, skilled hypnotist like Ian.